You Decide If This Furniture Is Sexy Or Just Plain Tacky

Most Americans growing up in the 80’s will never forget the sexy leg lamp from the movie The Christmas Story. This is probably where the inspiration came from for other “leggy” furniture. But as with all things, some people just take it too far. Check these out. Are these pieces sexy art or just plain tacky? You decide.

I’m thinking Ralph’s dad would be a very proud owner of this collection created by Allen Jones.


If you’re looking for something to complement those leggy pieces, there’s always boob-shelves and boob bowls, designed by Mario Philippona

fruitbowl_Mario Phillippona boobshelf_Mario Phillippona

Makes me wonder if this was even intentional.

penuschandelier_Dutch company called Rock and Royal

Hmmm…Scotsmen probably get pretty tired from carrying around their bagpipes…


I’m just not sure what target market they’re going after…I’m thinking even a Mayan fertility doctor might have passed on this one.



And for the finale, the vagina lounge chair, which actually looks extremely difficult to get in and out of, no pun intended.


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