These Children Are Risking Their Lives For An Education, #11 Just Broke My Heart

You’ll think twice the next time you decide to complain about waking up early to get ready for school. There are children all over the world that risk their lives daily just to get an education. In the photos below you will witness children climbing rope bridges in Indonesia, scaling cliffs in China and zip lining 400 meters above the ground in Colombia. Clearly education is important in these areas, and worth the risk to these kids and their parents.

This will make waiting at the bus stop early in the morning look a little bit easier…

In Sumatra, Indonesia, there once was a reliable bridge that everyone used to cross over the river. But since the bridge collapsed two years ago, children are forced to perform a life-threatening tightrope walk across the 30 ft pass.




In Colombia, there are children that have to zip line 400 yards above the ground, just to get to school.


In various parts of the world, some children go to extreme lengths to get to class.






In countries where there is political unrest, children often have to pass through areas where there are gunshots, explosions and military personnel.


Unfortunately children in these countries have to adapt to dangerous conditions if they want to get to class.




An education can change a child’s life, not only in third world countries but for also kids you may know yourself. Never underestimate the power of what a strong will can do.


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