Mermaid Sighting Reported Off the Coast of The Philippines

Here are some amazing photos of mermaids off the coast of the Philippines. Yes, these are real mermaids…and you, too, can become one. Because really, who wouldn’t want to have a shimmering colorful tail and the ability to explore the depths of the ocean.

Now these fantasies can come true! The Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy offers classes in “mermaiding” for women, kids and even mermen. OK, perhaps you won’t be able to explore the depths of the ocean without scuba gear (which is an option!), but becoming a mermaid will help you strengthen your swimming skills, make new friends and have some fun. You might even catch yourself a sailor. Or the sailor might catch you!


“Mermaiding” is both an artistic expression and a fun whimsical way to keep fit!

How does it work? Basically, one wears a mermaid tail, which is a stretch fabric that goes up to the waist, and has a monofin attached at the end.

For the kids it seems like second nature, and watching them move gracefully across the waters, one can’t help but be amazed and really wonder if it was possible that humans actually originated from underwater creatures.


Classes are not held in an actual school environment, but rather, are conducted along Boracay Island’s pristine White Beach, and in other natural bodies of water such as rivers and lakes.

If mermaid swimming isn’t your cup of tea, then the school can offer you a photo shoot with a mermaid tail.

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Source: The Philippine Mermaids Swimming Academy

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