I Thought I Was Obsessed With The Internet Until I Saw These 10 Images…#6 is Simply Epic

Today it is almost impossible to go a single hour without using some type of connection to the Internet. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, Internet-enabled TVs and more…we are never more than a click away from viral information and media on the web. The following 10 images will show you what happens when innocent web surfing turns into an unhealthy obsession.

Do any of these look familiar?

1. You really don’t ever want to borrow this computer.


2. Um, brilliant idea, but no thanks.


3. This guy actually rolled over to imprint both sides of his face.


4. Yuck!!


5. Okay, this one is just plain creepy…


6. Talk about being in command of every situation. I kind of like this one!


7. Single Dad? Gee whiz, I wonder why?  lol


8. This person needs professional help. Addiction anyone?


9. Got….to…get…my…Internet fix.


10. I think this one is a fast-forward from the guy in the previous photo.


I would make fun of these people, but I’m pretty sure I may also be viewed by many as having similar Internet obsession issues. After all, there is no life outside of the Internet…. right?

If you know someone that is way too obsessed with the Internet, please do them a favor and share this with them. You never know, you may be the one that is responsible for changing their lives.

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